About Us

We are a professional services company. This means we offer good quality industry’s best practice solutions on Business and IT consultancy services based on our end-client needs and requirements.

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Journey of PixelCare


A humble beginnings of PixelCare which started as a software development house customizing various industry requirements into templatized solutions.


PixelCare was gaining a bigger client base and ventured into ERP systems and services sectors to enhance its services practice to varied business verticals.



The company went into add on eCommerce / retail and integrated solutions as an addon to a typical ERP thus building its capacity to offering holistic solutions.


As part of expansion, PixelCare saw itself establish into Malaysia region extending its capability to offer cost effective solutions by adding a couple more products.


PixelCare is known as trusted brand among the IT industries for providing business management solution for all type of industries end to end.


The company has now established itself in Philippines successfully and offers offshore services. With newer partnerships and more value added services, we are growing.

Our Mission

Our Aim is to be a niche end to end solutions provider with a market edge of being product independent and enable our clients a tailored fit system within the shortest span of time and keeping Lowest costs of ownership.

Our Vision

PixelCare with its industry knowledge and know-how is currently embarking into offering Industry tailored fit solutions which can be as simple as unpacking the software and using it with a basic plug and play mechanism.