SAP Business One Ready Industries

SAP Business One ready Industries

We serve a varied range on industry verticals, be it Healthcare, Food, Manufacturing, E-Commerce or Wholesale & Distribution


SAP Business one complies equally well with HIS solution and gives the advantage to hospital management for better control. SAP business one holds the control for inventory for medicines, patient billing, doctor payment etc. SAP B1 provide the essential financial touch to your complete HIS solution.

Food & Beverage

SAP Business One is helping companies enhance business management and perfect challenges in this industry by supporting specialized manufacturing process of product categories. This covers organized, competent and extensive production processes as well as monitoring and documentation processes.


Our solution addresses exclusive demands & complexities that manufacturers face on the daily basis. It has control over operations by having visibility into the production processes. It will help to manage resource like machine, labor and material cost to get actual manufacturing price in detail.


SAP Business One can be a trusted partner for your ecommerce business for Online stores, no matter whether its B2B or B2C. A tight integration with e-commerce portal helps you  manage all your financial, sales and purchase activity, and gives you hold on your stock management and vendor management.

Whole Sale & Distribution

ERP system cover all the business requirement under one solution, Including Finance, Inventory, Customer Relationship management, traceability, Warehouse and HR. It helps businesses keep track of all the inventory sold and those remaining in stock, helping in managing sales and plan business acquisition.


SAP Business one is the right fit for your trading business. We design architecture for trading needs and gives the advantage to empower your business on the right way to trade. SAP B1 reporting and management tools helps you give full insight about your business and better management.