SAP Business One Solutions

SAP Business One Solutions

Pixelcare is partnered with SAP to incorporate SAP Business One’s complete business management solutions to small and medium enterprises. SAP Business One operates from managing sales, purchasing, inventory to processing of payments and other financial postings. It securely compiles all business information in a single database to quickly retrieve the data for the company’s record. SAP Business One has user-friendly environment that can be adapted easily.

SAP Business one provides the capability to generate number of standard and customized reports. The application is accessible in 27 languages and over 40 localization.

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SAP Business One Functions we Leverage

  • Fully customizable chart of accounts
  • Standard financial reports
  • Integration of logistic and financial processes
  • Service contracts and warranties management
  • Microsoft Outlook synchronization of activities and contacts
  • Complete marketing documents from Sales Quotations to Purchasing Invoice
  • Complete pricing and discount structure
  • Batch and serial management
  • Comprehensive stock management
  • Production planning

SAP HANA Solutions

SAP HANA enhanced the demanding accounting functions from logistics to finance modules. It offers the capability to transact, analyze and evaluate in real time manner. SAP HANA retrieves data instantly from transactions and data analysis. It provides integrated view of the business and adapts to meet changing needs by optimizing the financial and operational performance.

  • Certified technology for scalability and growth
  • Designed to solve specific business challenges
  • Improved financial reporting

SAP Business One Add-Ons

SAP Lumira

SAP Lumira is a solution that grants business analysts to retrieve, remodel and apprehend data. SAP Lumira works by fetching the data from multiple sources and creating stories for better visualization. It is designed for ease of use by giving the users the ability to access, transform and visualize data in a self-service way.

SAP B1 GST (Malaysia Compliance)

SAP B1 GST has been developed to provide the reporting needs of companies as required by the Royal Malaysian Customs. It helps to expedite the generation of reports from SAP Business One and enables the companies to report the GST to the Malaysian Government in a timely manner.

SAP B1 HR Add-On

SAP B1 HR Add-On will increase the efficiency in the organization by improving the employee data management. It is a solution to manage your employees from recruitment to resignation.